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A Bite-Sized Webcast Delivering Immediate Exposure to Busy Cleaning Executives

This abbreviated webcast is a quick, low-cost, highly customized event. 

As a sponsor, you get:
Sole-sponsored, custom content—you choose your topic. We’ll assist in copy review, slide generation and provide experience and expertise to assure a successful event.

You select speaker/presenter

Presentation is 30 minutes, prompting cleaning decision makers to continue the dialogue after the event.

Exclusive branding on promo emails during the two weeks prior to the webcast. Promote to your prospect list (optional)

Your logo appears on screen throughout the presentation

You get the exclusive database of registrants and attendees—email address, name, title, company, city/state, phone

You get the FastCast to post on your website and use in your sales and marketing efforts.

60-day topic exclusivity (30 days before and 30 days after)

Materials Needed:

Logo and URL
Fastcast title
Fastcast summary with learning objectives
Presenter name, photo and bio
Presenter contact information
Powerpoint presentation slides (The industry average is roughly 1 minute per slide, and fastcast are capped at 30 minutes)


$7,995 net

Advertising Policies and Guidelines
* We currently do not accept links for advertising urls because of tracking and deliverability issues.


E-mail ads to

Multi-Sponsor Webcasts

Up to four companies share sponsorship of this event.

Benefits — Before the Webcast

Your logo links to your website in the attendance-building email campaign to cleaning decision makers.

Your logo links to your website on the webcast's home page.

Get market data by asking one single-answer multiple-choice question on the registration page (with up to 5 possible responses).

Benefits — During Webcast

Your company introduced as a sponsor at the beginning of the webcast

Your logo appears on screen throughout the webcast.

Benefits — After the Webcast

You receive a database of registrants and attendees (Email address, Name, Title, Company, City/State, Phone).

You get 12 months of bonus exposure as the webcast is archived on

Receive contact information of cleaning decision makers who viewed the archived Webcast on CleanLink.


$6,485 net

Advertising Policies and Guidelines

Webcast Schedule

March 15
Green Cleaning Strategies for Healthy Schools
May 24
Robotics: Emerging Technology in the Cleaning Industry
July 12
Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls
October 18
Germs in the Workplace