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Advertising Sales Staff

Rob Geissler
Group Director,
Commercial Cleaning Market
P: 414.228.7701 x461
F: 414.228.1134

April Preisler
Senior Regional Director
Northern U.S.
P: 414.228.7701 x504
F: 414.228.1134

Christy Peterson
Regional Sales Manager
Southern US & Canada
P: 414.228.7701 x488
F: 414.228.1134


Primary Contact for All Programs

Laura Schaub
Advertising Client Services Specialist,
P: 414.228.7701 x544

All Products Production

Amanda Balistreri
Director of Client Services,
P: 414.228.7701 x469

Alexis Kiefer
Senior Client Services Specialist,
P: 414.228.7701 x561

List Rental

Kimberly Reed
Data Services/List Rentals
P: 414.228.7701 x441
F: 414.228.1134