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ISSA Product Express Email

The ISSA Product Express Email is an easy, direct way for you to increase booth traffic and set show meetings for the industry's largest live event. This email is sent to 58,000 industry professionals prior to the show and includes your logo, booth number, sales message, photo and an auto-scheduler button that connects customers and prospects directly to you via email.

Affordable, effective and completely turnkey:

Recipients learn about your offerings and are presented with an opportunity to schedule a meeting with you at the show.

Lead Demographics

You will get the contact name, address and phone number of everyone who clicks on your link.

Limited availability — Act fast!


$2,640 net

Ad Specs:

  • Company Logo
  • 80 character headline (spaces count as characters)
  • 300 word product/company description
  • Image (optional) - max 300x250 pixels, 70k max file size
  • Email address for scheduling of exhibit floor meetings
  • ISSA booth number
  • URL: provide landing page URL

Advertising Policies and Guidelines


E-mail ads to

ISSA Product Showcase Email

You know the importance of ISSA Show, a three day "Who's Who" of the commercial cleaning industry. This show is much too important to not ramp up your marketing and visibility. If you don't, you know someone else will. Sanitary Maintenance can help you achieve your best show yet! With the ISSA Product Showcase eNewsletter, your booth number, product photo and description is broadcast to 16,000 distributors just before the big event. This is your opportunity to market to them when they're formulating show plans and deciding which booths to visit.

At ISSA Show, it's all about having a busy booth. Along with your product photo and company information, your booth number is promoted and readers are encouraged to visit your booth. Don't leave it to chance. There's nothing worse than having to check your email on your phone all day because there are no buyers in your booth.

No Ad Materials.

Simply provide a product photograph, the product name, your company name and a link to the product specific page on your website.


Low-investment with high visibility. This is a marketing tool that gives exceptional exposure with distributors who are ready to talk and buy.


$545 net

Ad Materials:

  • Company Name
  • Product Name
  • 20 Word Description (or less) About Your Product
  • Photo of Product (188x188)
  • URL
  • ISSA Booth Number

Advertising Policies and Guidelines


E-mail ads to