Virtual Edition Sponsorship

The Virtual Edition of Sanitary Maintenance, Contracting Profits, or Facility Cleaning Decisions is a fully interactive copy of the print magazine. Enhance your advertising program with a Virtual Edition sponsorship.

As a sponsor, you get:

  • Full-page ad placed adjacent to the front cover on desktop and tablet devices
  • Exclusive top-of-page banner, visible on every page on desktop and tablet devices
  • Four weekly promotions to 16,000 - 30,000 newsletter recipients


Sanitary Maintenance - 64,000 Jan/San Distributors
Contracting Profits - 64,000 Building Service Contractors
Facility Cleaning Decisions - 120,000 Facility Cleaning Managers


Logo: 200 x 150 pixels, 40kb, 72 dpi, RGB
Full-page ad: 500 x 600 pixels
Banner: 900 x 60 pixels
Accepted formats: GIF, JPEG, and third-party tags
URL: Advertiser to provide URL

Note: Virtual edition ads do not appear on mobile phones

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