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IPC Eagle is Excited to Launch the NEW CT51 and CT71 Automatic Scrubbers Series

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The new Series includes:

  • Interchangeable heads - 20", 24" and 28" disc; 21" cylindrical and 20" and 28" 600 RPM disc
  • Three model types (B) Brush Drive, BT (Traction Drive) and (XP) Traction Drive with an actuated brush head
  • Two tank sizes CT51 (13/14 gallon) and CT71 (19/20 gallon)

New Features Include:

  • Ergonomic and adjustable handle - all models
  • New dashboard with selector knob - all models
  • Advanced Noise Control - all models
  • Eco Mode - Water reduction on brush drive and water reduction and motor speed reduction on traction drive

Innovations Include:

  • Self-leveling system: the brush pressure with a self-leveling and self-adjusting head allows a perfect fit between the brush/ pad and the floor.
  • Eco Select: works to decrease energy and water consumption and increase running time up to 20% in every day cleaning.
  • Memory Card: offers full control of the machine and can download the machine's working parameters onto a PC, mobile device or tablet. It keeps track of information such as battery chargers cycles, brush motor consumption, working hours or error messages.

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