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Improve Results With a Better Floor Care Plan

One of the first things guests notice upon entering a building is the appearance of the floors. Whether or not the floors look clean has a direct impact on how customers perceive the overall cleanliness of the building.

Since floor care is one of the most time-consuming and costly cleaning tasks, it's crucial to take a systems-based approach when planning your floor care program. By using the most efficient products that work together, your floor cleaning process will be streamlined, and productivity will increase. From scrubbing to cleaning to polishing, 3M provides a comprehensive system of floor care products that can help address your challenges.

First, Audit.

The first step is to conduct an audit to identify any problem areas and review current products and processes to determine their effectiveness. Upon completion, you will be informed to select the best products and processes that fit your needs.

Next, Develop The Plan

A comprehensive floor care plan should include daily and long-term cleaning products, such as: floor protectants, cleaning chemicals, dusting tools, floor pads and mops. Although it's tempting to select products based on cost, it's critical to consider quality, long-term investment, and labor implications during the product selection process.

  • Dust: Dusting tools that trap dirt and debris will be more effective than those that just redistribute it. The 3M Easy Trap Sweep and Dust Sheets trap and hold up to 8X more dust, dirt, and sand than a conventional flat fringe dust mop.
  • Mop: Effective floor care begins with daily mopping. From mops with adjustable ergonomic handles to removeable, easy-to-fill bottles to disposable mop pads, 3M Mopping Systems save labor, are more comfortable to use and help finish the job in less time.
  • Disinfect: For an effective yet gentle clean, try a cleaner with a neutral pH that won't damage your floor's beautiful finish. Whether you need a multi-purpose cleaner, a disinfectant, an auto scrubber liquid or a concentrate, 3M has a neutral cleaner for the job.
  • Protect: Once you've achieved brilliance in your floors, you want to make it last. To ensure your floor continues to shine, protection against everyday wear and tear is integral. The Scotchgard Stone Floor Protection Plus provides a high-performance floor protectant that requires only two coats and excellent stain, scuff, and scratch resistance — saving 35 percent or more on future maintenance and labor costs.
  • Clean & Shine: Create a spotless floor in fewer steps with the Scotch-Brite Clean & Shine Pad that lets you clean and shine in the same steps — using only a low-speed scrubber. When used for daily cleaning, it works to improve the gloss and reflection on most coated and uncoated floors, leading a dustless polish to enhance the shine, eliminating the need to burnish.
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