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  • 19,500 BSC Print Subscribers
  • 42,900 Total Readers per Copy*
  • 6 Issues in 2024
  • 70% Take purchasing action after seeing an ad in Contracting Profits
  • Readers spend an average of 32 minutes with each issue

*Includes pass along readership (Signet Readership Study 2023)

Contracting Profits Reaches Leading BSCs

  • 4m Building Solutions ‐ President CEO
  • Bravo Building Services ‐ President & CEO
  • Budd Group ‐ President
  • Cummins Facility Services LLC ‐ President
  • FBG Service Corporation ‐ President
  • Harvard Maintenance Inc. ‐ Owner
  • IH Services Inc. ‐ CEO
  • Janitronics Inc. ‐ President
  • Crown Facility Solutions ‐ President
  • Lewis & Taylor Building Service Contractor ‐ President
  • Mahlerclean ‐ President
  • Maintenance Inc. ‐ President
  • Marsden Holding LLC ‐ President/COO
  • Office Pride Inc ‐ Owner, President, Principal
  • Pioneer Building Svcs. Inc. ‐ President
  • Stathakis ‐ CEO
  • Woodley Building Maintenance ‐ Sr Project Mgr
  • Ajax Bldg Cleaning Corp. ‐ Owner
  • Mr. Clean Maint Systems ‐ President
  • Imperial Commercial Clng. ‐ President
  • Jan Pro ‐ President
  • Jr. Sweeping Services ‐ Owner
  • Master Klean Janitorial ‐ President

Contracting Profits Audience Profile

Contracting Profits is a B2B multi‐channel brand serving owners and toplevel executives of building service contractor firms. These executives depend on Contracting Profits and its complementing digital outlets to stay on top of issues they face, including immigration, technology, best practices, human resources, and timely reporting.

The Contracting Profits audience includes owners, presidents/CEOs, corporate officers, general managers, sales managers, operations managers, and other executives.

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Special Opportunities

Problem Solvers Advertorial

How it Works: This special section runs four times in 2024. Each Problem Solver addresses a different product category. You present an industry problem. Then share your company's solution.

Why It Works: BSCs face cleaning problems every day. They want solutions. But don't know where to quickly find them. And that's where you come in!

Issues Available:

You Provide:

Our designers put everything together. You have final approval.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Contracting Profits Faces of the Frontline Sponsorship Package

BSCs love to celebrate outstanding frontline workers, so we will be giving some of these accolades national exposure. In 2024, Contracting Profits will be featuring a frontline worker in each issue in a section called Faces of the Frontline.

Contracting Profits Faces of the Frontline sponsorship package includes:

2024 Editorial Calendar

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Special Coverage

Product Coverage

Bonus Opportunity

Due Dates

January /
‐ Profile of Philippe Mack, CBSE, Bee-Clean Building Maintenance
‐ Clean Buildings Conference Coverage
‐ Floor Safety ‐ Bonus Distribution at Clean Buildings Conference
‐ Problem Solver: Cleaners & Disinfectants
Ad Close: 12/15/2023
Materials Due: 12/22/2023
March / April ‐ Women in Cleaning Profiles ‐ Carpet Care
‐ Hand Hygiene
‐ Bonus Distribution at BSCAI EXEC MGMT Conference
‐ Problem Solver: Cleaning Tools
Ad Close: 2/16/2024
Materials Due: 2/23/2024
May /
‐ 2024 Report on the Building Service Contractor Market ‐ Cleaners/Disinfectants
‐ Brooms, Brushes, Mops & Carts
‐ Problem Solver: Technology & Business Solutions Ad Close: 4/15/2024
Materials Due: 4/22/2024
July / August ‐ State of the Industry Advisory Board Roundtable
‐ Distributor Choice Product Award Winners
‐ Restroom Products ‐ Problem Solver: Floor Pads & Brushes Ad Close: 6/17/2024
Materials Due: 6/24/2024
September / October ‐ BSCAI Contracting Success Show Coverage
‐ ISSA Show Coverage
‐ Floor Care Equipment & Accessories ‐ Bonus Distribution at BSCAI Contracting Success Conference and ISSA
‐ Advertisers receive a FREE Product Release in the Nov/Dec ISSA Product Showcase
Ad Close: 9/17/2024
Materials Due: 9/24/2024
November / December ‐ BSCAI CLEAN Award Winner Profiles
‐ ISSA Product Showcase
‐ Infection Prevention Products
‐ Bidding Tips & Software
‐ Bonus Distribution at 2025 BSCAI CEO Seminar Ad Close: 10/21/2024
Materials Due: 10/28/2024

Included in Every Issue:

• BSCAI Member News: Articles and updates for current and potential members of BSCAI

• Faces of the Frontline: Highlighting an outstanding janitor

• Faces of the Industry: A roundup of the latest building service contractor news

• Be An Elite BSC Column: Consultant and contractor Jordan Tong helps BSCs grow their businesses

• Case Study: Manufacturers can submit examples of BSCs finding success with their products

• Products: A showcase of the latest product innovations

Print Mechanical Specs

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Bleed Page 8.125" 11"
Page 7" 10"
2/3 Page 4.5" 10"
1/2 Island 4.5" 7.5"
1/2 Vertical 3.375" 10"
1/2 Horizontal 7" 4.875"
1/3 Square 4.5" 4.875"
1/3 Vertical 2.125" 10"
1/3 Horizontal 7" 3.125"
1/4 Vertical 3.375" 4.875"
1/4 Horizontal 7" 2.375"
1/6 Vertical 2.125" 4.875"
1/6 Horizontal 7" 1.5"

Mechanical Specifications

Mechanical Notes:

Publication trim size: 7.875" x 10.75"
Bleed Page: 8.125" x 11"
Live Area: 7" x 10"
Note: Pertinent matter on bleed advertisement must be kept at least 0.5 inch from image edge. Bleed trim is 0.125 inch.

2 Page Spread Bleed:

Publication trim size: 15.75" x 10.75"
Bleed Page: 16" x 11"
Trim variance is 1/8 inch
Line screen: 133
Output Resolution: 2540
Max Ink Density: 300%
4-color rotation (wet) is black, cyan, magenta, yellow
Printing: Web-offset
Binding: Perfect bound
Note: Live matter must be kept 0.5 inch away from untrimmed edge and 0.25 inch away from each side of the gutter.

Mechanical Requirements for Inserts:

Contact production manager for insert specifications (size, stock, binding, shipping). Sample of insert must be submitted to publisher for mechanical clearance and pricing.

Sending Your Ad:

Upload files to

For Questions:

Client Services
Production Director
414.228.7701 ext. 561

Preferred File Types:

4-color process (CMYK) ads: PDF/X-1a:2001 or TIFF (TIF)

2-color (3 process colors) ads: EPS or DCS2 (Photoshop eps)

Grayscale or B/W (Process Black) ads: EPS or TIFF (TIF) for

*Note: We are unable to process Microsoft Publisher files

Because your best presentation is important to us, we have written this 10 STEP GUIDE to help you obtain maximum quality prior to us submitting your ad to the printer.

  1. All fonts must be embedded, converted to outline or rasterized. See non-supported fonts.
  2. Photos and artwork should be at least 300 dpi. Lineart (ie: logos) should be 1200 dpi bitmap or a Vector image. We cannot submit any photos or artwork, to the printer, with less than 266 dpi.
  3. All color must be set up in either spot color or CMYK (process color). All RGB colors will be converted and will not appear in print as it did on-screen.
  4. All black type must be black only, not Rich Black or Registration.
  5. All color photos must be converted to CMYK with a total ink limit of 300%. Click here for the quickest way to alter ink density levels.
  6. All black and white photos must be converted to grayscale with a 20-25% dot gain.
  7. Documents should be set up to the correct final ad size.
  8. Any bleeds need to be set at 0.125" on all sides ‐ no printer's marks or slugs.
  9. Transparencies must be flattened. Layer/effects, Flattener Presets must be set to "high resolution."
  10. It is recommended to use the Adobe PDF preset: "PDF/X-1a:2001" when creating your PDF file. This setting is an industry standard for printing (please deselect all printer mark defaults and, if applicable, include the bleed here).

File Naming:

Please consider these suggestions when naming your file:

Color Typography:

For optimum reproduction and clear and sharp copy, use sans serif fonts such as Arial, Calibri, Helvetica, Myriad or similar for small type. Reverse type reproduces best with large bold sans serif fonts. The same is true for color type. Thin serif fonts are difficult to read in color or reverse type. It is recommended that four color type and/or small four color reverse knock-outs be avoided. Black type that uses four color blends should never be used (Registration not allowed).


Black & white lasers are acceptable for grayscale ads.

Trade Press Media Group, Inc. pre-flights all files to the best of our ability. If we spot potential problems we will attempt to correct them or alert you to them. A proof for any textual/graphic changes made in our Creative Services Department will be submitted back to you for final approval. Due to the complexities of files and varied design techniques, we cannot be responsible for catching all trapping issues, typos or postscript errors.

Submitting Content:

Manufacturers are encouraged to submit the following content for consideration in print/online:

Product Announcements:

Every print issue features products and they will be archived on and appear in our Cleaning Insider eNewsletter following the issue. Manufacturers are encouraged to submit new product announcements throughout the year. Submissions will be selected for the magazine on the first of the month prior to publication. The number of products featured will be dependent on available space.

Product submissions should include a full description of the product, including specs, features and benefits. These free announcements are subject to editing for space and magazine style. Each announcement must also include an image of the product. Images should be jpeg or tiff files at 300 dpi and at least 3 inches square ‐ we are unable to extract print-quality images from Word documents. Please include both the product description and image attachment in the same email. Products submissions can be sent to your sales representative, or by emailing Indicate in which publication(s) you want your product to appear.

Company Announcements / News:

Manufacturers are encouraged to submit company announcements such as personnel changes, mergers, acquisitions, new websites, warehouse relocations, awards, etc. These announcements will be considered for feature on and the Cleaning Insider eNewsletter, and may be picked up for inclusion in print (space permitting). General industry tips, survey results, white papers and other industry announcements will also be considered.

To submit any of the above announcements, email There are no restrictions in length and photos are encouraged. (Images should be jpeg or tiff files at 300 dpi and at least 3 inches square.)

Case Studies:

Case studies are featured in each of our print publications, as well as on These submissions should follow a typical case study format ‐ state problem, provide solution and explain success. If submissions feature a distributor, they will be considered for Sanitary Maintenance magazine. Case studies about in-house departments may be profiled in Facility Cleaning Decisions magazine. And profiles of building service contractors will be considered for Contracting Profits magazine. Following print (no matter which publication it is featured in), each case study will be added to

Due to space, case studies should be 450-500 words long and include a separate headline. Submissions should also include a photo of the product in use, preferably at the facility being profiled (standalone product images will not be used). Images should be jpeg or tiff files at 300 dpi and at least 3 inches square. Please include both the case study text and image attachment in the same email. Case study submissions can be sent to your sales representative, or by emailing

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