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Advertising Policies & Guidelines

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Inventory Reservation, Cancellation & Mid-Program Cancellation Policy

Inventory Reservation & Cancellation Policy:

Due to a high demand of inventory, if revision or cancellation is desired, customers are required to speak to their sales representative and accompany a written confirmation to acknowledge changes or cancellations made to the order. Customers must make these requests at least 30 days prior to the close date for print ad space, 30 days prior to launch date of digital ad programs, and 45 days prior to event date of Webcasts. If revision or cancellation is received after the said date, or it was not acknowledged and confirmed, a 25% fee will automatically be charged.

Mid-Program Cancellation

Depending on the program/package, once started* one of these scenarios will apply:

1. Pay in full but program will stop on the requested date.

2. Depending on the program/package, customers will be billed to cover any work already started and if applicable the amount due will reflect regular pricing not any discounted pricing.

For any question on a potential mid-program cancellation please contact your sales rep. for more information.

*Start includes any design/layout, setup, marketing or amplification that has already begun.

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Print Advertisement

The Publisher reserves the right to refuse any material deemed unsuitable for publication. The Publisher also reserved the right to place the word "advertisement" on all materials that resemble editorial content.

Publisher's Copy Protective Clause:

Advertiser and advertising agency assume liability for all content of advertisements printed, and also assume responsibility for any claims arising therefrom made against the publisher. Publisher reserves the right to reject any advertising. The Publisher is not responsible for errors in key numbers or index of advertisers.

Short Rates and Rebates:

Advertisers will be short rated if within the 12-month period they do not use the number of insertions upon which their billings have been based. Advertisers will be rebated if within the 12-month period they have used sufficient insertions to earn a lower frequency rate appearing on this card.

Publisher reserves the right to hold advertiser and/or its advertising agency jointly and severally liable for such monies as are due and payable to the publisher.

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HTML5, Ad Tags and 3rd Party Ads

HTML5 ads must conform to specified ad specs. We do not use current IAB HTML5 file size guidelines as the resulting ad material was causing user problems and page abandonment.

If we see that the initial/polite load is larger than our specs we have the right to refuse the materials.

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3rd Party Ad Tracking

We have encountered extensive issues with 3rd party tracking tags including being correctly setup, administered, changed during a campaign or technical issues like server latency and nested tracking.

Because of this, we will accept tags, but only under the condition that all bought and invoiced impressions are based on Trade Press' DoubleClick for Publishers (Google's DFP) ad server reporting.

Once we start delivering a campaign customers are responsible for payment based on our numbers regardless of 3rd party issues or if a campaign is ended early.

We will work with customers to try and get their 3rd party tracking working, but often there are too many external system(s) issues we are not able to troubleshoot. While we do our best to allow you to track your ads with 3rd party impression counting or ad tracking services, we do not base our delivery guarantee or billing on other 3rd party systems.

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Web Campaign Forecasting and Delivery

Our website ads are sold as a placement sponsorship. Advertisers buy a specific ad on a specific page/area of the website. Any estimates given are based on previous year traffic activity, no impressions are guaranteed.

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Multiple creatives/changing creative

For programs that require different creatives to run at specified times during a campaign, send in all campaign creatives for the whole program on the initial material due date along with a schedule on what creative to run when.

For example, if you have a 1 month program and want two different creatives to run during that time, each for a two week period, send all materials in to be setup in advance of the campaign start date.

Any program that runs longer than a month can, on a monthly basis, send in new creative and request changes to their program creative. Mid-program creative updates should be sent in a week before the start of the new month and can include a schedule on what creative to run when, if needed.

*For limitations on the number of creative changes allowed for your campaign please contact your client services specialist.

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Billing and Invoicing

All our digital campaigns are flat rate programs and the invoicing will reflect this. We cannot sell or bill by monthly impressions delivered.

We provide program CPM only as a tool to benchmark pricing for our customers. Trade Press invoices in the month of activity.

All bought and invoiced website impressions are based on Trade Press' DoubleClick for Publishers (Google's DFP) ad server reporting.

Payment Terms: Net 30

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An Advertiser Report Sheet will be sent to you when your program has ended. Your Advertiser Report sheet will include purchased programs information. Once the report is ready we will add it to your Advertiser Report Sheet and send you an email letting you know there is an updated report available. Depending on the program there will be different details provided in the report.

The website report is provided on a monthly basis starting from the day the program went live as long as the program is live. All dedicated email reports are available 7 days after mailing. All eNewsletter programs are available 7 days after the last mailing (this means that if you are running a newsletter program for a month, the report will collect all the data and will be available for you 7 days after the last email has been sent).

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Email Deployment Set Up

Customers sending in new creative or needing lots of changes will be billed $500 if we have already done initial email setup. If we have not yet done email deployment setup new creative can be sent in without charge.

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Creative Setup and Design Services:

Digital Display/Banner Ad

Clients Should:

Custom Email

Clients Should:

Template Options:

Template #1

Template #2

Template #3

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Animated GIFs

Outlook 2007 & 2010 only displays the first frame of an animated gif. Please be sure the first frame of your ad is designed with that in mind.

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*We currently do not accept links for advertising URLs because of tracking and deliverability issues.

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Expandable or other rick media ads are allowed for Image Ad placements on Ads can expand to double their initial width (expanded size 600x250) on user interaction, and must contract to their original size (300x250) on roll-off or click. Audio is allowed on user-initiated basis (no autoplay) and must contain a mute or stop function. Initial download must conform to FacilitiesNet ad specs. Polite downloads are allowed.

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Flash Ads

Sample Flash file (FLA) with Click-thru code

The download examples below shows how Flash Advertising files should be linked for proper usage on

View clickTAG Usage Image Ad Example     View clickTAG Usage Leaderboard Ad Example

NOTE: The Actionscript in the FLA file is attached to the "button" layer. DO NOT add to, or alter the ActionScript in any way otherwise the click tag won't work.The use of clickTAG is an industry standard and should be followed in any creative you send to your account representative. We also recommend the use of Flash 8 or earlier for your file format.

Flash ads must also have alternate JPEG or Gif version

For agencies or individuals supplying Flash animated ads, you must also include static JPEG or animated GIF versions of the ads for those users that do not have Flash installed on their systems. These Alternate versions of your ads cannot exceed 40k each.

For flash files we must embed our tracking code for links or a clickTAG can be used for us to update the url for click tracking within the html page. Must be flash CS3 (or lower) compatible. Send in original flash file so links can be updated. Please include all fonts. Do not send .swf files. Sound must have option to mute for user. File size is for total ad size plus external downloads, you cannot exceed file size by using external downloads.

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JavaScript should not be used for email ads, including ads hosted as 3rd party.

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Our Policy Regarding Email Addresses

We maintain a database of contact information, including email addresses, for use in educating about and delivering valuable and timely content to professionals in this industry.

In respect to email addresses, this information has been voluntarily provided to our organization to facilitate and fulfill our various media products.

When an email address is provided to Trade Press Media Group, Inc., it is given for the sole purpose of learning about and delivery of the products or services we offer. It is understood that the provided email address will not be shared with third parties unless given explicit consent from the individual. To do so, would violate the implicit registration agreement with our customers and would violate our Privacy Policy and the trust that industry professionals have in our media company.

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Prohibited Content

CleanLink operates at the highest quality. For this reason, our partners must adhere and comply at all times to these guidelines.

We do not accept partners that display any content, products or services listed below.

The below listed topics are not exhaustive and we reserve the right to reject or remove a partner at our sole discretion.

We reserve the right to detail, modify or update this policy at any time.

1. Prohibited Content

2. Privacy

We prohibit any content that targets the following characteristics of persons:

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