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Reach Active Buyers.

Reach active buyers as they are searching. CleanHound is a comprehensive, professional-grade search engine designed for sanitary supply distributors, building service contractors and in-house cleaning professionals. It provides cleaning-industry professionals with up-to-the-minute search results gleaned from more than 1.5 million pages of leading cleaning industry-related Web sites.

Purchasing search terms on CleanHound allows you to connect instantly with cleaning-industry professionals looking for products, services or equipment that coincide with your search terms.

  • Manufacturer sites
  • Association sites
  • Government Agency sites
  • Cleaning Industry Publication sites
  • Service Provider sites
  • Distributor sites
  • Contractor sites

Connect instantly with these cleaning industry professionals at the precise moment they are looking for products or equipment like yours.

Purchase search terms and rise to the top of the pile when your prospects are seeking your solutions!

  • 3 Platinum positions - $3,325 net
  • 2 Platinum and 1 Premium position - $2,820 net
  • 1 Platinum and 2 Premium positions - $2,370 net
  • 3 Premium positions - $1,860 net

Ad Specs

Email banner ads to:

Only Platinum level positions get a banner graphic.

Width: 728 pixels
Height:90 pixels
File size: 40k maximum
File types: gif, jpg, or flash*

All ads can loop an unlimited number of times.

* Flash Ads
Flash files require a special prefix for tracking before links. Must be Flash CS3 compatible. Send in original Flash file (.fla) so links can be updated. Do not send the .swf file. Sound must have option to mute for user. Cannot exceed ad dimensions at any time. File size is for total ad size plus external downloads. You cannot exceed file size by using external downloads.

Key Word Specs:
Fill out Key Word form at:

Key word Title: 80 characters (including spaces)

Key word description: 270 characters (including spaces)

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