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Splash Ad

Traffic up over 52%!

With 57,000 views per month, splash ads are a high-visibility way for you to promote your brand.

A fast-loading, full-screen splash ad is an effective way to create high-visibility for your brand by giving you 57,000 views per month. When you purchase a splash ad you receive exclusive advertising coverage - no other advertisers share the page with you. Generating 57,000 views per month.


$4,840 net per month

CleanLink Splash Ad Specs

Width: 600 pixels
Height: 375 pixels
File Size:100k max
File type: gif, jpg flash*

  • Animations should be less than 7 seconds for the whole sequence to be seen
  • Must have splash ad 3 business days prior to live date
  • The ad appears once per user session

Please email the ad and URL to: