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The only social networking site for cleaning professionals

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It's all about engagement — MyCleanLink is the only social networking site for cleaning professionals. This web community fosters product and information sharing, problem solving, networking and collaboration. The site's 3,800+ members benefit from forums, blogs, networking and much more.

Put your advertising on this active site and be seen where the industry gathers.

(Your ad appears throughout the site on most content pages.)


12 months 6 months 3 months
Nav Bar Ad $3,960 $2,365 $1,430
Top Image Ad $3,630 $2,200 $1,320
Bottom Image Ad $3,300 $1,980 $1,205

Ad Specs

Nav Bar Ad:
Ad Dimensions: 137 x 111 pixels
File Size: 36k max
File Type: gif, jpg, flash*
URL: provide url for your ad link

Top/Bottom Image Ad:
Ad Dimensions: 300 x 250 pixels
File Size: 50k max
File Type: gif, jpg, flash*
URL: provide url for your ad link

If you are using 3rd party tracking tags, please send standard tags.

** For flash files we must embed our tracking code for links or a clickTAG can be used for us to update the url for click tracking within the html page. Must be flash CS3 (or lower) compatible. Send in original flash file so links can be updated. Please include all fonts. Do not send swf. file. Sound must have option to mute for user. File size is for total ad size plus external downloads, you can not exceed file size by using external downloads.
Please note: not all email readers support Flash. For optimum recipient viewing a jpg or gif is preferred. We do not have data on the number of recipients who are able to view Flash in their email reader.

Sample Flash file (FLA) with Click-thru code

The download examples below shows how Flash Advertising files should be linked for proper usage on

NOTE: The Actionscript in the FLA file is attached to the "button" layer. DO NOT add to, or alter the ActionScript in any way otherwise the click tag won''t work.

The use of clickTAG is an industry standard and should be followed in any creative you send to your account representative. We also recommend the use of Flash 8 or earlier for your file format.

Flash ads must also have alternate JPEG or Gif version

Download clickTAG Usage Nav Bar Ad Example (6k)

Download clickTAG Usage Top/Bottom Image Ad Example (5k)

For agencies or individuals supplying Flash animated ads, you must also include static JPEG or animated GIF versions of the ads for those users that do not have Flash installed on their systems. These Alternate versions of your ads cannot exceed 40k each.

Email ad materials & URL to: