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Custom e-Newsletter

Make it your own!

Sponsor an e-Newsletter and leverage your custom content to effectively reach buyers interested in your business solutions. Send your message directly to decision makers’ email inboxes - in the market segment you want to reach: distributors, contractors or cleaning/facility managers.

CleanLink Article Sponsorship Email

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Email Circulation

Sanitary Maintenance- 16,000
Contracting Profits - 16,000
Facility Cleaning Decisions - 35,000


Sanitary Maintenance
$1,575 net /$2,225 net with leads

Contracting Profits
$1,575 net /$2,225 net with leads

Facility Cleaning Decisions
$1,975 net /$2,625 with leads

Custom e-Newsletter Ad Specs

Tips for a successful custom e-newsletter.

  • send an HTML version of the completed newsletter. PDF files not accepted.
  • Email width of 600 pixels or less.
  • Emails with 600-800 words perform the best.
  • Provide a 50 character subject line for the email. Subject lines longer than this may get cut off.
  • If you are using 3rd party tracking tags, send standard tags.

Some things to Note:

  • Maximum number of 6 links per email. Click tracking on links, provided by publication, are not tracked separately. There is one tracking entry per email.
  • A proof will be sent to you prior to the email mailing out.
  • Production Charge: In addition to the base cost for this newsletter, there is a $500 net production up-charge for email personification, including subject and/or email body copy personalization.

  • Email ad materials & URL to: