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CleanTips Podcast

Position your company as a source of timely, cutting-edge information by using a custom CleanTips podcast. Cleaning managers and executives will listen to a professionally produced audio interview featuring your spokesperson and sales messaging. Podcasts offer listeners quick and compelling information from the convenience of their computers or mobile devices. Your podcast is emailed to 58,000 industry decision makers.Then add your podcast to your website and your own sales tool arsenal to boost your marketing efforts.

You benefit from:

  • Positioning your company - You become an important source for information delivered in a timely, cutting-edge manner.
  • High visibility - Our podcast is emailed to 58,000 industry decision makers and posted on CleanLink.
  • Sales tools - Use the podcast for your own marketing efforts.
  • Turnkey - We handle the production of this high-impact opportunity.


$4,475 net


  • 4-6 Question Q&A Script, appx. 5-7 minutes total length, including Podcast title
  • Full name/title/photo of presenter/subject matter expert
  • URL for clicks to sponsor website

Production Charge: $500 net production charge for email personalization, including subject line and/or email body copy personalization.