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What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is an opportunity for brands to place their own educational, high-quality content in the content well. Native ads give marketers the ability to have a more in-depth, educational experience with readers resulting in higher engagement and more time spent consuming the advertiser’s message resulting in a stronger and more powerful brand impression. Native ads by their nature are specifically educational and informative to the reader. These ads are a great way for you to leverage your investment in whitepapers and other existing content, or you can create new, high-quality targeted content.

When to use Native Advertising?

If your objectives include:

  • Delivering an in-depth educational message to potential customers;
  • Identifying your brand as a resource for high-quality educational content;
  • Positioning your brand as a solution provider for the challenges your prospects face;
  • Establishing a high level of brand trust with your target audience;
  • Creating a lasting brand impression

How Native Ads Work on CleanLink

To keep native ad content at the same high-quality level our readers expect from, all pieces are reviewed by our editorial team. Once approved, native ads run for one month’s time. They are featured on CleanLink’s home page for one week and on all article pages site-wide for the full month to maximize the visibility of your content. Native ads appear as regular CleanLink content and are identified as ‘Sponsored Learning.’ Native ads also get exposure in the content area of our CleanLink Weekly News the week after launch.

Reporting for Native Ads

Reporting includes headline impression counts across all placements as well as clicks to your content landing page.

CleanLink Native Ad Package Components

  • Content landing page on CleanLink for one month - Sample
  • Featured for one week in the ‘Recent Content’ box on the CleanLink home page, tagged as ‘Sponsored Learning’ - Sample
  • Featured on all article pages site-wide for the full month - Sample
  • Promoted on our CleanLink Weekly News email - Sample Native Advertising Policies

Native advertising is intended to provide useful or otherwise engaging, non-promotional information to commercial cleaning professionals. It should not be advertising that aims to sell a specific product or service.

In general, native advertising seeks to inform cleaning professionals, and should be based on objective information rather than unsubstantiated claims. That information can be drawn from many sources (interviews, analysis, surveys etc.). Native advertising seeks to meet the standards created and maintained by the editorial team. The goal is to create a favorable impression of the sponsor based on the quality of the content. For example, native advertising might cover best practices or challenges facing cleaning professionals in a specific type or area of building. It could also address a specific type of technology or process. Whatever the angle, the information should be objective and informative, not promotional. The description of a single product or product line, the capabilities of a company, etc., is not appropriate for native advertising. Similarly, a product release or product literature would not be appropriate. A well-researched case study, on the other hand, could qualify for a native advertising campaign. All native ads will be reviewed by the editorial staff of to ensure that if adheres to these policies. Our e-Media producer will work with customers to have their content posted on the site.